Since 1970 The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has represented the collective soul of Louisiana culture. By spotlighting internationally renowned musicians alongside local favorites, the Festival has become a cultural symbol.

The 2012 Jazz Festival showcased over  5,000 musicians, performing on 12 different stages, over a six-day span.  For many years, Audix microphones have been well represented throughout the Festival to the tune of over 500 vocal and instrument microphones;  utilized this year by various sound companies, engineers, and artists.

Eddie Pearce, stage production director of the festival shares his insights.  Eddie says, “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Audix microphones over the past four years at the festival in a wide variety of musical environments.  In a nutshell, the Audix OM Series dynamic vocal mics will clean up an entire stage mix. The mics have a tight pattern control which allows for more separation between the vocals and the instruments on stage.  This becomes very obvious when listening to the multi-track of performances that were recorded.”

Eddie concludes by saying, “It’s really easy to differentiate between stages that were miked with Audix compared to the rest.”