In any facility, there are times when placement, scheduling, flexibility, or finances make fixed mic installations an impractical option. Miking requirements for auditoriums, meeting spaces, schools, and Houses of Worship can change regularly. This challenge prompted Audix to engineer a new design for sound reinforcement – the Audix Microboom™ system.

The MicroBoom™ system provides a flexible, affordable, and convenient solution for installations requiring continuous placement flexibility. These microphones are designed for a variety of scenarios with minimal labor and installation costs. The MicroBooms™ is compatible with all standard mic stands and fixed mounts, making sound setup both effortless and effective.

By combining a low-profile, carbon-fiber boom arm with a high-performance condenser microphone, the Audix MicroBooms™ offers the perfect solution for miking choirs, musical ensembles, presentations, and plays.  Boom lengths of 24”, 50” and 84” allow for precise placement and positioning of the microphones. Every boom is wired internally with a shielded cable for maximum induced noise rejection.

The MicroBoom™ system supports the entire range of Audix Micros™ Series condenser microphones. The M1250B is the most popular model for miking close distances, whereas the M1255B high-sensitivity condenser mic is widely chosen for long-distance miking. The interchangeable capsules include cardioid, hyper-cardioid, omni, and super-cardioid shotgun options. All Micros™ Series products are designed with RF immunity from cell phones and GSM devices.

Choose from a selection of pre-configured models, or mix-and-match system components to meet your own unique requirements.

• Lightweight & rigid
• Portable & easy to position
• Clean, elegant appearance
• Interchangeable capsules
• RFI, GSM interference-resistant
• No external power needed
• Attaches to any mic stand
• Functions in horizontal and vertical