Studio Broadcast Quality at Your Fingertips with immunity from RF Interference!

Audix continues to evolve and break new ground with the Micros Series – with the introduction of the M1280B. Developed by Audix in 2005, the Micros Series is the world’s smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable.

With a distinctive machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1280B is designed to handle a wide variety of stage, studio, and fixed install applications. Features include a smooth frequency response of 40 Hz – 20 kHz, 12mm gold vapor diaphragm, and a selection of four capsules with either cardioid, hypercardioid, omni, or a supercardioid (shotgun) polar pattern. Improvements for the M1280B include a completely discrete circuit design, extremely low noise components, recessed miniature XLR connector, and 100% immunity from RF caused by cell phones and wireless GSM devices.

The linear frequency response, low distortion levels, and wide dynamic range make the M1280B excellent for field recording and musical instrument miking.

Audix Co-Founder Cliff Castle is excited to add this new revision to the Micros family. He states, “In my opinion, the M1280B is the crown jewel of the Micros Series as it represents the very finest achievement in miniature microphone technology. With this selection of the components, from the circuit board material to the brass used to CNC the machined parts; there is no compromise in quality. The manufacturing and assembly processes for the M1280B are truly impressive and happen right here in our Wilsonville, Oregon factory.”

Castle continues, “To ensure that we have complete control over even the most minute details of production, Audix has invested in a fully integrated surface mount line to handle circuit board assembly. It is no accident that the M1280B will meet the performance demands of the most critical recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement applications. And the fact that the M1280B has such a low profile along with a wide variety of clips and accessories makes it a strong candidate for acoustic instruments and vocals of all types. In fact, when paired with the MicroBoomTM system of 24, 50, and 84-inch carbon fiber boom arms, M1280B transforms into the perfect solution for acoustic stringed instruments, overheads, and choral miking, as well as brass and woodwinds.”

The M1280B is available from authorized Audix dealers in a matte black finish at a suggested retail price ranging from $430-$470 depending on the capsule. Supplied accessories include a 25′ cable, hanging mic clip, mic stand adapter, and external windscreen.