The f50 is the vocal star of the Audix Fusion Series, continuing to outperform mics in the same class over the past seven years. Audix has expanded the already popular series by adding two models that are packaged with a professional quality low impedance XLR-XLR low impedance mic cable; making models f50CBL and the f50SCBL even more compelling values.

The multi-talented f50 and f50S are designed for such applications as stage performance, karaoke, schools, commercial AV, presentations, Houses of Worship, rehearsal studios, and home recording. Both models feature a cardioid polar pattern which helps to provide vocal isolation for room noise and other sounds on stage. The durable die-cast zinc body and steel mesh grille ensure many years of durability. The f50S has the added feature of a noiseless on-off switch for additional user control on stage.

Audix VP of Sales, Cliff Castle, says, “The f50 is an amazing microphone, especially considering the cost. In order to continue building on the momentum and reputation that the f50 has earned, we’ve given this mic a bit of a make-over by updating the packaging and adding two models with high-performance quad-core cable consisting of a twisted pair of multi-stranded copper conductors and a braided shield. In the seven years that we’ve been offering the f50, we have yet to find a competitive microphone in its price range that it won’t out-perform. “

All the model variations of the f50 have a tight, uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. The frequency response is contoured for vocal clarity and presence; this coupled with slight bass proximity provides a rich full sound.

The f50 Series, with four models to choose from, is packaged in a colorful retail box with a motto that rings true “singer tested, sound guy approved.” Also provided are a stand adapter and vinyl carrying pouch.

MSRP for the four models are as follows: f50 ($65), f50CBL ($75), f50S ($75), f50SCBL ($85)