Tape Op Magazine recently published their review of the Audix A150 Studio Reference Headphones. Reviewer Scott McChane went into his detailed review a bit skeptical, as he mentioned that the love of a new pair of headphones usually fades quickly. With the A150s, he said he had the exact opposite effect.

As he worked with them in his studio for a few weeks, he found himself reaching for them more regularly. He highlights the comfort and the protective case, in terms of design. But it was the balanced sound that really impressed him most, writing, “I find it easier to isolate mix elements that feel clumsy or out of place, and when referencing A150 mixes through my loudspeakers, I found that only minor adjustments were needed. Playback never seemed hyped, so I felt I was mixing to the headphone instead of fighting it. Recently, while editing voiceover for broadcast, the Audix ‘phones proved their high midrange accuracy while de-essing a voiceover – often a problematic task on headphones.”

Ultimately McChane wrote that he won’t be abandoning his nearfield monitors for headphones, but for a second reference, especially when you don’t have the luxury of mixing through loudspeakers for six or more hours, the A150s have proven their worth to McChane. “Trust isn’t a word I would ever associate with a headphone,” McChane writes, “but Audix is getting pretty close with the A150. These cans aren’t made for lifestyle; they’re designed for work.”

Read the full review here.