Audix Artist

Todd Sucherman


Microphones used: Drums- i5, ADX51, SCX25A, D2, D4, D6.

Styx drummer Todd Sucherman has been an Audix artist since 2007. 2009 saw Todd Sucherman win the Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll for #1 Rock Drummer, #1 Educational DVD with “Methods and Mechanics” as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine all while touring the world with the multi-platinum rock band Styx and performing drum clinics and recording sessions from coast to coast.

The engineer for these sessions, JR Taylor states, “Audix mics have become my go-to choice for drums both live and in the studio. I’ve become somewhat of an evangelist about using the i5 on snare drums, and the D Series mics are so well-tuned for drums it makes mixing easy. They bring out all the right qualities of great sounding drums. Todd is intentional about choosing the right cymbals for a given song and the SCX25A’s do a beautiful job of capturing these choices, preserving the personality of each cymbal.”

Todd states, “I use the same mic set up on the road as I do in my studio. Audix mics work in tandem with each other and they captured the sound of the drums and cymbals with the crystalline clarity, creaminess, and the punch I’m accustomed to.”