Audix Sound Engineer

Steve Pettit

I am a preacher in the North Atlanta metro area. After performing a wedding for a couple, the groom said he would like to give me something; turned out to be Audix RAD-360 wireless with the HT5 headset. I was currently using a Sennheiser/Countryman combo.

Since using the double ear Audix, I have never looked back. I enjoy the natural sound of Audix as well as the predictability of the whole system. The last thing I want is any distraction. This combination has eliminated that.

Since I received my Audix as a gift, I was concerned about service and warranty. The great thing is that I have not had any problems with it in 7 months of double services. Equally cool though; the guys at Audix said they would work with us should we ever have a manufacturer defect. That only happens when you believe in your product.

We have now gone on to purchase several other Audix mics for our worship team. In fact, we always check for an Audix application first when we need a new mic.

If you want to see and hear it in action, go to