Audix Artist

SONiA & Disappear Fear


Microphones used: Vocals- OM5.

SONiA & Disappear Fear an American indie pop/indie folk/Americana/worldbeat band formed in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1987.

SONiA is one of the most dynamic performers in music today, she performs energetic, conscience-driven music. Solo or with her band disappear fear, she delivers powerful songs that challenge injustice, performed with passion and hope. Touring 180 concerts annually across America mostly and in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel; SONiA sings and composes in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic.

SONiA, who faithfully uses her Audix OM5 throughout all her performances, has this to say: “I love my OM5 because I get to be the boss! Besides the excellent tone, it translates my voice into (sweet and warm tones never harsh or overbearing), it only picks up ME; not the cymbals that are crashing 18 inches besides my back or the extra bassey bass tones that are hovering across the stage or even the split crack of the snare. I sing straight into my OM5 and it delivers my voice in a way that creates huge smiles on my face and my sound man’s face and more importantly the faces of my fans.”