Audix Artist

Sayed Sabrina


Microphones used: Vocals- OM6, RAD360.

Sayed Sabrina is an enduring talent in jazz, blues, and experimental, a local legend, a petite powerhouse with a distinct sensuality and sense of humor. If you have ever seen her perform it is hard to forget and equally hard to describe. In the old school style of Jazz, Blues, and Classic Rock greats, Sabrina’s shows are mesmerizing. Her vocal projection is matched by her lively interactions with her audiences. Sabrina’s unique sense of style brings a spirited diversity to the powerful voice that has been her trademark for so many years.

She says, “The OM6 does exactly what I need it to do, it is amazing. Great sound… Such a fantastically balanced mic. As you know, I tend to have a big voice and most mics can’t handle the dynamics, but Audix nailed it. It felt quite comfortable in my hand. Clearly designed with the vocalist in mind. I love it! I can’t recommend it enough.”