Audix Artist

Recycled Percussion


Microphones used: Drums- D2, D4, D6, i5.

From the moment guests enter the theater and are each handed a drum stick and something to bang on, to the curtain raising to reveal, … well nothing, it’s obvious that this will not be a typical Vegas show. What follows is musical, mechanical madness as the group descends playing four ‘drum kits’ while bolted to a vertical wall. Wouldn’t it be a waste not to tip ‘The Wall’ fully upside-down before finally settling on the stage? Recycled Percussion thinks so.

From there on, percussionists Justin Spencer & Ryan Vezina, DJ Todd Griffin and guitarist Matt Bowman proceed to use, misuse and abuse pretty much anything one can find at hardware stores, junk yards and landfills. Oh, and a kitchen sink…

Nearly 60 Audix mics have been selected to sonically capture all this mayhem. “The Audix D6 and D4 crushed the sound of the other microphones we were using and trying,” says Spencer; group founder and sound designer.

Recycled Percussion holds the distinction of the highest non-vocal finalists ever on “America’s Got Talent.”