Audix Artist

Raul Pineda


Microphones used: Drums- STE8, D1, D3, ADX51.

Raul Pineda, a Grammy award-winner and 4-time Grammy-nominee, has been named one of today’s best and most innovative Latin drummers in the world. Raul’s unique style of playing — a result of a coveted blend of Afro Cuban and contemporary influences applied to the modern drum set — have catapulted him into being one of Cuba’s most influential drummers of his generation.

Raul has been an Audix Artist for over 10 years. “Of all the microphone brands and models available, I chose to go all Audix. The very first time I used Audix mics, the transparency and natural sound really caught my attention and made me an instant fan whether I used them in the studio or for live performance.”

Raul relies on Audix microphones to capture the sound of his drum kit and complex rhythms. He explains that “My mic list includes a wide variety of Audix’s drum and percussion microphones; 12 mics in all!”

Raul places as much care into miking his kit as he does in selecting his drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments. “My intent is always to project a natural sound. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each mic so you know exactly where each should be used. I always gravitate towards an accurate reproduction of what I hear. Every drummer has a particular sound they’re going after while tuning their drums. What I like about Audix is that I can rest assured that the drum sound the audience hears is as true as what I intended it to be.”