Audix Sound Engineer

Phil Forchelli

City Entertainment Systems

Nearly 300,000 visitors each year attend the annual Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem PA, the largest music festival of its kind in North America. City Entertainment Systems of Walport, PA provided production services for all seven performance areas and game field locations, as they have for many years. They use a variety of Audix wired and wireless microphones, including the OM5, OM6, VX5, i5, and D Series drum microphones. Here’s the story as told to us by Phil Forchelli, the company’s founder.

“With the demands for clear, full sounding monitors at high volume concert levels, no other mic gives you the consistent control and performance of an Audix. My head monitor tech, Ed Serifin, swears by these mics. I know as an Audix dealer and end-user how dependable and tough they are, even when in constant use on the road. We have dozens and dozens in our inventory and have almost never had one fail (even when dropped by over-exuberant lead singers and whacked by high-powered drummers).

The headsets and wireless RAD 360 systems work well on the Game Fields and Piping Grove. When you’ve got 10,000 plus spectators watching an event, you better have a wireless system you can count on, especially when there are so many wireless devices and radios all competing for the same frequencies.

Our opinion: Audix mics perform! That’s why they’re our microphone of choice for the Celtic Classic Festival, New York City’s Veterans Day Parade, Great Allentown Fair, and every other high profile event we do.”