Audix Sound Engineer

Mike Sutherland

Pepper, Sublime with Rome

1. How did you get your start as an engineer?

As a high schooler, I got really into sound engineering through theater and through playing the drums. I got my first 8 track recorder at age 15 and never looked back. At 17, I got an internship at Enterprise Recording Studios and bounced around the studio world until I got a job as a house engineer at Total Access Recording in Redondo Beach, CA. I worked on a bunch of records there until Pepper asked me to go on the road with them. In the studio, I had the pleasure of engineering albums for Slightly Stoopid, Pennywise, Dio, Heaven and Hell, Foreigner, Pepper, and whole bunch of other acts. As a touring engineer, I have worked with Sublime with Rome, Pepper, Pennywise, Night Riots, and I have filled in on a few Brian Wilson shows as a drum tech.

2. How did you hear about Audix?

I first heard about Audix while in recording school. The D6 became my go-to kick mic. I got a D series drum mic pack when I was 19.

3. What Audix microphones are you using currently?

At the moment, D6 microphones on kick and floor tom and a D4 on the floor tom, i5 on snare, MicroD on rack toms, and OM7 on vocals.

4. What was the impetus for switching from the microphones you were using previously?

The response was just much better on the drums. The D6 on a floor tom is freaking awesome. I had to use a competitor’s mic recently and I was bummed. It just didn’t have the nice low end curve the D6 does.

5. What are your favorite features of the microphones you are using?

I love the low end response of the D6. It takes high SPLs and doesn’t need much EQ to sound good.

6. Any special tips to share on how to use the mics?