Audix Sound Engineer

Michael and Bill Szymczyk

The Eagles

Hey Audix! My name is Michael Szymczyk, and I’m bringing you a quick story from myself and my dad, producer Bill Szymczyk (Eagles, James Gang, and a whole lot more!).

Bill has been making records since the 60s, and as a drummer, I’ve been working on projects with him for about 10 years. When we first started miking drums together I was always taught the best way to mic a drum kit was the standard he’d been using for decades: 57 on snares, 421s on toms, and D112 on the kick. For years we never deviated, and never thought we would. Over the last 12 months the band I’m in, Some Type of Stereo, recorded our first EP, and just this month, we recorded our first LP. For those projects, we switched up our drum mics to the Audix family (D6, D4s, D2, and I5), and we could not be happier with the sound we got out of them. It blew us both away! All those years we never thought we would stray from our standards, but you guys have upped the game for us and made what we do so much better.

Thanks from both of us!
Michael & Bill