Audix Artist

Mark Sheppard


Mark Sheppard is a London-born actor and musician. He currently stars in the TV hit Supernatural on which he plays Crowley, the King of Hell. His impressive list of acting credits includes Academy Award winning movie In the Name of the Father as well as successful TV series such as CSI, The X-Files, Firefly, and Doctor Who.

At age 17, Sheppard started playing drums with singer-songwriter icon Robyn Hitchcock, in his first solo incarnation after the Soft Boys. After Sheppard left Hitchcock’s band, he played with English surf-rockers the Barracudas, then left for Ireland, where he joined Irish rockers Light a Big Fire, who opened the Joshua Tree tour with U2. Soon after, Mark moved to the U.S., where his acting career took off in a major way. Fifteen years later, he is back behind the kit, touring once again with Robyn Hitchcock, and using a full Audix kit to capture his live sound.

“When it came to microphones…I looked at all the reviews and all the talk about Audix, and everyone said for a small company, they make a better product than any of the other people out there… I think the D4 holds up so, so well on anything above a 12″ tom. It just has that amazing, round tonal quality to it, and so little effort to do it. I’m proud to represent what I feel is the best microphone company out there.”