Audix Sound Engineer

Dan Stork

In-House Engineer

“Touring with punk bands means gear-especially vocal microphones, which have a very tough life on the road. They get thrown and dropped on a nightly basis. While I have been using Audix microphones for stage instruments for a long time, it was changing my vocal microphones to Audix that was the real breakthrough for me. I had been using beta58s due to their availability and reputation for build strength; however, once I used the OM series microphones for live vocals I knew I would never look back. They are true road warriors, holding up perfectly under constant punishment while sounding absolutely incredible night after night.

The mid-range warmth, top-end bite, and extremely tight polar pattern drastically reduce stage noise while keeping the vocal in your face and full-bodied. The stage rejection on the OM6 and OM7 mics is incredible. Heavy punk bands tend to have an extremely loud stage volume yet these mics are like an isolated vocal track. They only pick up the vocals and a minimal amount of stage noise. This means I don’t end up processing cymbals, snare, and guitars on my vocal channel!”

Dan has a Bachelor of Music Technology degree from the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia. However, his real education was achieved while mixing bands in various clubs of ill and high repute in Brisbane’s much-loved music scene, before moving to Melbourne in 2012.

Dan is currently an in-house engineer at the Northcote Social Club, which has played host to intimate shows by The Pixies and Lady Gaga and is described as “the quintessential Melbourne band-room” by the state tourism body, Tourism Victoria. When he’s not enjoying sleeping in his own bed, he tours as the FOH engineer for Clowns, Hockey Dad, Fourteen Nights At Sea, and Hope Drone.