Audix Sound Engineer

Chris Rahubka

EMMURE, After The Burial, Carnifex, Archspire, CKY

After wrapping up a European tour with metalcore band EMMURE, we found a moment with the always busy FOH engineer and new Audix endorser, Chris Rahubka, to chat about how he got his start, when he was first introduced to Audix microphones, and what he likes about them.

How did you get your start as an engineer? What groups have you worked with?
I played in bands around my hometown for years and noticed how important a solid engineer is. I made friends with some amazing engineers in my hometown; I learned as much as I possibly could from them and started working in venues. I did two tours as a guitar tech and quickly moved to front of house. I have toured with After the Burial, Emmure, Carnifex, CKY, Born of Osiris, Revocation, Fallujah, Archspire, Oceano, Toothgrinder, and Psycroptic as well as one-offs with Thy Art Is Murder, Aborted, and Fit for an Autopsy.

How did you hear about Audix?
My father bought me my first set of Audix drum mics for my birthday when I was in high school so that I could record my first band. I still carry the F15s from that package and use them regularly.

What Audix microphones are you using currently? For what applications?
The Audix D6 maybe my favorite mic in the world. I use it on as many things as I can. The shape of the mic makes it easy to place, with minimal bleed. The low-end response is second to none. I use a lot of extreme kick drum sounds and I find it much easier to gate in those applications. So I use it on kicks, floor toms, and bass guitars. I also use i5s for guitar and snare applications, and I like my F15s on hats and ride.

What was the impetus for switching from the microphones you were using previously?
I’ve always used Audix mics, they’ve always been a staple of my selection.

Any noticeable results?
Absolutely. The mics are clear and clean.

What are your favorite features of the mics you’re using?
I mix a lot of extreme music so I have large, tight drum kits. I find Audix mics to be the easiest to place in these applications.

Have the Audix microphones helped solve any particular challenges for you?
The placement and shape really help me out with my placing.

Do you have any good Audix anecdotes?
I joke all the time about mixing a band on entirely D6s.

Any special tips to share on how to use the mics?
They’re super easy to use; just set them up and go.