Toto’s Steve Lukather joins the traditional Monday Wrap Party at the Guitar Cloud Symposium April 16-19, Sponsored by Audix.

New instructor additions: GREG KOCH. MUNDO JUILLERAT + core staff: Audix Artist JENNIFER BATTEN, GRETCHEN MENN, VICKI GENFAN, DANIELE GOTTARDO. Be on the lookout for a chance to win an Audix A131 large diaphragm studio condenser mic.

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Jennifer Batten’s acclaimed Guitar Cloud Symposium guitar mastery program teaches deep creative concepts, innovative techniques, and targeted stylistic disciplines — all designed to nurture and empower guitarists who wish to truly advance their skill set on the instrument.

Schedule for the April Guitar Cloud Symposium:

1. Techniques for slide guitar 2. Achieving great tone

1. Expressive techniques The art of bends, vibrato, intonation, and articulation 2. Modes in practice Understanding and using them in your writing and playing—riffs, melodies, solos. 3. Mixed techniques Sweep picking, tapping, hybrid picking, legato

Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Emphasis on right hand (strumming) technique and voicings for La Pompe rhythm, as well as Gypsy Bossa and Bolero rhythms. Gypsy Picking and Django Licks Learn how Django Reinhardt played gypsy jazz with gypsy picking. We’ll learn how to play and solo on one of his most famous songs and also how you can take these harmonic ideas and apply them to your own music!

1. Motivation, organization, focus staying on track and making the most of your practice time. 2. Transforming inspiration into original expression Using aspects of music you love as templates for your own music 3. Improvisation for absolute beginners Tools and techniques for playing spontaneously

Intro to Chord Melody – expand your chord voicings to accommodate any melody note Arpeggios – Focus is on Maj7, mi7, and dominant 7th arpeggios, and being able to play them anywhere on the neck and over any progression. Coming up with parts for a recording session – Jennifer will demo several examples of past recording sessions and explain decisions in coming up with parts that make sense

1. Percussive Techniques for Acoustic Guitar (Standard Tuning) Want to add more groove to your acoustic sound? In this module, Vicki will break things down, step by step and get you thumb slapping, harmonic tapping and playing drums on the body of your guitar! 2. What’s the best Acoustic Guitar pickup for you? Vicki will explain the various types of acoustic guitar pickups; piezo, magnetic, microphones, transducers, and take you through pros and cons of each. You’ll see and hear 2 different setups that she’s got in her guitars as well as go over some ‘fixes for feedback’ in a live performance setting. 3. So you wanna sing AND play guitar? You may be able to play tons of songs on the guitar, but something goes haywire when you try to add a vocal. Vicki will present a step-by-step, systematic approach to integrating singing into your skillset as a guitarist.


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