How many artists of diverse nationality, musical styles, and Audix microphones can you fit onto one stage? International music group Scurdia is committed to answering this question!

Scurdia was formed by Austrian piano virtuoso Markus Schirmer with his artistic alter ego – oriental Oud Master Risgar Koshnaw, Scurdia is an eclectic group of musicians from Austria, Armenia, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, USA, and Venezuela who together skillfully and artfully blend diverse world music styles into an eclectic, hectic and wonderfully entertaining musical mélange. Schirmer describes their sound as “A blend of middle eastern folk, jazz, soul, funk, ethnic, Austro and of course, classical music”!

In a live concert series recorded earlier this year at the Opera House in Gras, Austria, Audix mics were used extensively for vocals and for miking a myriad of instruments including percussion, tuba, accordion, strings, reeds, and woodwinds.

D Series dynamic mics were used liberally for percussion and Leslie (Hammond B3). The CX112 condenser mics added top-end coverage throughout the performance. The ADX60 Boundary mic was used on cajon and percussion box, while a clip-on ADX20i covered the tuba.

Hussein Zahawy’s daff (giant tambourine) performance was so singular and essential to the sound of Scurdia, that it alone was meticulously miked with a D4, a pair of M44 miniature condenser mics, and an ADX10 miniature lavalier condenser mic.

Vocals were covered with HT2 headset condenser mics. However, vocalist Nataša Mirković-De Ro utilized the T367 wireless system with the OM7. The additional vocalists used the OM6 microphones.

Schirmer’s concert grand piano received the well-deserved grand treatment – a pair of SCX25A large diaphragm condenser mics and an i5 for top-end flavor.

The current roster of musicians in this remarkable world-wide ensemble includes:

Markus Schirmer, Austria – Piano (SCX25A, i5, HT2 wireless)
Risgar Koshnaw, Iraq – Oud, vocals ( OM6 )
Ismael Barrios, Venezuela – Percussion (D2 congas, CX112 overhead, ADX60 cajon) )
Mario Berger, Austria – Guitar (DI)
Marina Bkhiyan, Armenia – Violin (HT5)
Jon Sass, USA – Tuba (ADX20i)
Christian Bakanic , Austria – Accordion, Styrian harmonica, vocals (OM6)
Nataša Mirković-De Ro, Bosnia – Vocals (OM6 on wireless)
Sophie Abraham, Netherlands – Cello (DI)
Franz Kreimer, Austria – Hammond b3 (D2 top, D4 bottom)
Hussein Zahawy, Iran -Ddaff (D4, M44, ADX10)
Richie Winkler, Austria – Sax, clarinet oriental (D4)

Scurdia is set to release their new DVD recorded live at the Opera House in Gras, Austria momentarily. You can watch a preview of this remarkable ensemble’s live performance at:

Learn more about Markus Schirmer and Scurdia at