George Peterson, editor of Front of House magazine, recently published his road test review of two models of the new Audix headphones – the A150 and A152, after getting a first look and listen at the full line at NAMM 2020. He liked what he heard and gave his full report in a recent Road Test in Front of House.

Regarding the A150, he describes, “The effect of listening on the A150s is more like listening to a pair of linear response studio monitors…I need an accurate monitor that reflects reality when I’m listening to reference material, soloing an input, doing a “silent mix” (without filling the entire venue with sound while doing it) from virtual sound check tracks or knocking off some quick post-show mixes. And it’s here that the A150s really deliver sonic truth that’s uncolored. I like that.”

Describing the A152 headphones, Peterson wrote, “With its ability to reproduce sub-harmonics, that additional bottom-end will certainly be appreciated by stage drummers who listen on headphones, or for studio monitoring applications. The soundfield is big and wide and somewhat forward, so gamers and general listeners who are seeking an impressive listening experience with lots of ‘character’ will tune into the A152s right away.”

Read the full review here.