Premium Electret Condenser Vocal Microphone

The VX5 is a multi-purpose, professional vocal condenser microphone designed for stage, studio, and broadcast applications. With an ability to duplicate studio-quality sound on stage, the VX5 has a smooth and accurate frequency response, resistance to feedback, and handles very high SPLs without distortion.

Designed with a tight and uniformly controlled supercardioid polar pattern, the VX5 condenser vocal microphone helps isolate vocals from the rest of the stage. Other features include a 14 mm gold vapor diaphragm, an acoustically ported steel mesh grille with a multi-stage pop filter, and a -10 dB pad and bass roll-off filter. The VX5 will handle SPLs in excess of 140 dB (with pad and roll-off engaged) and will provide over 20 dB of ambient noise rejection on live stages.

In addition to vocal applications, the VX5 supercardioid microphone is designed to capture instruments such as guitars, woodwinds, brasses, percussion toys, drum overheads, hi-hats, and pianos.

The VX5 requires 18 – 52 V phantom power.

Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA.

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Where To Buy VX5 – Premium Electret Condenser Vocal Microphone
Transducer Type Pre-Polarized Condenser
Frequency Response 40 Hz – 16.5 kHz
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Output Impedance 150 ohms
Sensitivity 5 mV / Pa @ 1k
Equivalent Noise Level 26 dB (A-weighted)
Signal to Noise Ratio 68 dB
Off-Axis Rejection >20 dB
Maximum SPL ≥140 dB (w/ -10 pad)
Power Requirements 9-52 V
Connector 3-pin XLRm
Polarity Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of output XLR connector
Materials / Finish Zinc Alloy & Machined Brass / Black Finish
Weight 277 g / 8 oz
Length 181 mm / 7.1 in
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1x VX5 Vocal Microphone
1x MC1 Microphone Clip
1x P1 Carrying pouch

Media Reviews

Sound on Sound: Testing the VX5 and VX10
“[The VX5] sounded just the way I’d want a live mic to sound: full and balanced but very clear.”

Geartechs.com: Just because you like it, why should I? Audix VX5 reviewed
“The Audix VX5 finds itself in good company among my favorite microphones, and would be a nice addition to your microphone collection for use on vocals and on piano. I haven’t tried other applications for the VX5 yet, but I’d think that you’d probably also find good results on strings and other detail-oriented instruments where you need a nice, tight pickup pattern.”

Gearank.com: Audix VX5 Meta Review – 93 out of 100
“Users have plenty of good things to be said about the Audix VX5, specifically regarding its clarity and sound quality. Proximity is also commendable, with many reporting that they don’t have to get too close to the mic to get good sounds. Finally, a good number of users appreciate the VX5’s versatility in terms of handling different sound sources and it gets a lot of thumbs up for how well it works with acoustic guitars.”

The Modern Vocalist World: Audix VX5 Condenser Vocal Mic Review
“From a clarity of sound standpoint it without a doubt ranks right up at the top of my list when stacked up against some of its notable competition…It sounds good right out of the box requiring little if any EQ to get the sound dialed in. Short of full on screamo or extremely heavy metal acts this is one of the few mics that I feel confident would work well with nearly all voice types as it posesses a very natural frequency response. The Modern Vocalist rates the Audix VX5 as highly recommended.”

The Deva Method: Audix VX5 Microphone Review
“This microphone brings out brighter aspects of the voice which can make it feel easier to sing. If you have any tendency to push for power, the VX5 may reduce that inclination. It resonates well for quiet vocals as well as for a full voice sound. Due to the VX5’s design and sensitivity, you can be freer with your mic technique — meaning the vocalist can vary mouth-to-mic proximity without losing a well-balanced vocal presentation. As a result, if you have good mic technique this microphone will enhance your vocal performance.”

User Quotes

“We recently bought 2 of the VX5’s and I have to say that I have not been as thrilled with a mic for a long time. We are using them in a House of Worship. We have a classically trained singer who, before, with the previous mic got standing ovations. Now he is able to hear his voice with so much more detail that he is able to put much more into his performance. He now gets not only standing ovations but also puts half of the audience in tears. I’m not kidding! Thank you Audix!”
-Paul Sarran, Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA

“One of my engineers, Michael Conrader, had great things to say about the VX5 when he was out with Esperanza Spalding. I was a little skeptical, however, so I tested them in studio conditions against the VX10 and SM87. I liked the VX10 the best but live the VX5 was overall much better controlled when monitors were introduced. We would have gone for the VX10 if we were using in-ears.”
-Chris Pfund, Quantum Sound, Montauk NY