Studio 515A Set

Project Studio Essentials Set

When it comes to arming your project studio, look no further than the Audix Studio 515A Set.

Featuring two of the most infamous and best-selling Audix mics – the all-purpose i5 dynamic microphone, perfect for capturing guitar cabinets, percussion, and snare, and the D6 dynamic mic, built for low-frequency capture like kick drums and bass cabinets, a pair of ADX51 pencil condenser microphones, ideal for miking acoustic instruments and overheads, you have all the mics you need to record a full drum set and practically every instrument you might have to capture.

On top of those, you also get the brand new A131 large diaphragm studio condenser mic, an exceptional tool for vocal recording. This set also includes a pair of Audix A150 Studio Reference Headphones for exceptional monitoring. Five premium 20′ CBL20 XLR mic cables complete the set.


2x ADX51 Overhead Microphones
1x i5 Snare Drum Microphone
1x D6 Kick Drum Microphone
1x A131 Studio Condenser Microphone
1x A150 Studio Headphones
5x CBL20 Premium XLR Cables

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