DP Elite 8

8-piece Drum Microphone Package

The DP Elite 8 professional drum pack is the ultimate combination of 8 microphones needed to mike up a 5 piece drum kit. All microphones perform equally well whether it be on a live stage or in the studio. Included in the DP Elite 8 drum microphone package is the D6, Audix’s flagship dynamic kick drum microphone, two D2’s for rack toms, one D4 dynamic microphone for floor tom, the i5 for snare, a pair of SCX1C’s for overhead miking, and the SCX1HC for hi-hat. Also included are four DVICE rim mount clips for the snare and tom microphones, and three heavy-duty tension fit microphone clips for the SCX1 microphones.

Everything is conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum carrying case road case for safekeeping when the microphones are not in use.


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1 x D6 Kick Drum Microphone
1 x i5 Snare Drum Microphone
2 x D2 Rack Tom Microphones
1 x D4 Floor Tom Microphone
2 x SCX1C Overhead Microphones
1 x SCX1HC Hi-Hat Microphone
4 x DCLIP Microphone Clips
4 x DVICE Rim Mounts
1 x MC1 Microphone Clip
3 x WS81C Windscreens
Aluminum Road Case
” How to Mic Your Drums” DVD