4-piece Drum Microphone Package

The DPQUAD pack consists of four drum microphones grouped together to microphone a full drum kit. This arrangement employs a left overhead microphone to cover hi-hat, cymbals, and rack toms, and a right overhead microphone to capture the floor tom and ride cymbal. Individual snare and kick microphones complete the essential punch needed for a good drum mix. All microphones, clips, and accessories are packed in a durable aluminum carrying case.

  • A professional set of 4 drum microphones for stage or studio
  • Designed to capture the essence of a full kit with the least number of microphones
  • Combines close-miking technique for kick and snare with overhead ambient microphone placement


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Where To Buy DP QUAD – 4-piece Drum Microphone Package

2x ADX51 Overhead Mics
1x i5 Snare Mic
1x D6 Kick Drum Mic
1x MC1 Mic Clips
1x DVICE Rim Mount
3x DCLIP Mic Clips
2x WS81C Windscreens
1x Aluminum Road Case