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Audix specializes in pro audio solutions for live, studio, and field recording situations. When sound matters, count on Audix.
Artist: Ani DiFranco
Photo: Jason Hickerson

Handheld Vocal Microphones

Audix handheld vocal microphones are popular with professional performers, live sound engineers, and podcasters and can be seen and heard on stages and in studios worldwide.

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Instrument Microphones

Audix dynamic and condenser instrument microphones are widely used by sound engineers and musicians throughout the world.

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Studio Microphones

Audix set a standard for the studio microphone: it must be able to record exceptional sound at every level – from home studios to elaborate recording to broadcasting.

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Packs & Sets

Audix has simplified the approach to selecting microphones for drum kits, percussion ensembles, piano, and general studio sessions by offering a variety of microphone collections.

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Wireless Microphones

The Audix Performance Series is designed to take the mystery out of wireless with a professional-grade system that is simple, reliable, and versatile.

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Headworn and Lavalier Microphones

Wired and Wireless headworn and lavalier microphones for the stage, broadcast, lectures, speeches, podcasts, television, film, and video.

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The Micros

With fully embedded electronics, The Micros™ offer a balanced signal, detachable cable, very low self-noise, high dynamic range, and RF immunity. The end result is a phenomenal sound.
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Test and Measurement

Tools for acoustic testing and measurement.

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Pro Audio Accessories

Need a replacement part or a cable, clip or tripod? We’ve got you covered.
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