PCMag.com (formerly PC Magazine) is a website that talks about all things technical having to do with the personal computing world. The magazine also has a podcast show called PCMag Radio that has been running for several years and it is aimed at their primary readers – lovers of technology.

Tim Gideon, lead audio and video analyst for PCMag.com, was put in charge of updating the quality of their podcasts. Gideon states, “When it came time to update the equipment for our podcast studio, we went through several microphone choices and the HT2 emerged as the best choice for us. We needed a microphone with a tight pattern because our panelists are all in close proximity and the typical omnidirectional headset mics don’t offer enough rejection. Not only does the HT2 sound great, but our hosts and guests are unencumbered with headphones or bulky cables, which makes everything look cleaner for our video podcasts. I love the sound of these mics! ”

All podcasts are performed with Audix HT2 microphones and recorded in Pro Tools. Please check out PCMag.com Radio at PC Mag Radio