Featured on drums is Audix user producer/artist Narada Michael Walden, who is one phenomenal player! Narada provides energy and an emotional dynamic to the band that helps takes the music to its highest level. Audix microphones are featured prominently on Narada’s kit and when asked what he likes best about playing with Jeff Beck, Narada says “I like it all – and my Lollipops (SCX25-A) are capturing it ALL. We’re giving it all to you …. with my Audix microphones.”

Front of house engineer Ben Findlay has some comments of his own. “I first heard about Audix in 2004 when we got a hold of a D6 in the UK, loved it, and used it for the Peter Gabriel arena tour.

As far as the Jeff Beck tour, at the beginning of this year, Jeff had a change of lineup for his band, so we were joined by Rhonda Smith on Bass Guitar and Narada Michael Walden on drums. Narada was already a keen user of Audix mics and together we put a “Rolls Royce” of a mic package that includes the beautiful SCX25A for overheads, ADX51 on the high hat, D4 for rack toms and floor toms, and the i5 for snare. Jeff’s Marshall has an i5 on it and Rhonda’s Bass cab has a D6. All the vocal mics are OM7s.
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