The latest review for the new Audix studio headphones comes from Music Connection. Writer Steve Sattler did a thorough evaluation and test of both the A150 and A152 headphones in his recording workflow.

He writes, “I tested both headphones with a variety of source material ranging from prerecorded stereo tracks to acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and bass, both modeled and live. High-end detail and low-end response on both the A150 and A152 is clear and color neutral. Midrange response is similarly clear and accurate. All the vocal source material I tested sounded natural and accurately reproduced what I was recording and playing back through them. Both the A150 and A152 provide an impressive degree of sound isolation and noise cancelation and have great stereo imaging.”

The bottom line for Sattler: “I really like the AUDIX A150 and A152 studio reference headphones. They both do exactly what they are supposed to do with no surprises. Both the A150 and A152 sound great, are comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions and offer features and specifications that are on par or better than any professional headphones in this price range.”

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