Ken Tamplin, founder of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and one of the most respected vocalists in the music industry, has been using and recommending the Audix OM5 for many years. Ken recently made a video for his students showing the merits of the OM5:

“I have used the OM5 in countless live situations (as well as just about every other mic on the planet) so I am quite familiar with various microphones and the OM5 consistently stands out from the pack. But instead of overwhelming you with a bunch of statistics about the OM5, I thought I’d let the mic do the talking itself!”

Ken continues by saying, “I took the OM5, plugged it directly into an Avalon 737 SP, and then directly to the recorder. There are no effects whatsoever; you are hearing the pure sound of the microphone. I chose to audition the mic with just an acoustic guitar so there is no way to hide anything. It is what it is – a great microphone at a great price.”

To hear it for yourself CLICK HERE:

Ken Tamplin Demonstrates the Audix OM5

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