Sarah and Stephanie Snyder describe themselves as rock, pop, power-pop, alternative – even punk. “We’re high-energy, fun, melodic, with an old-school edge; a sound as eclectic as the music and cultures that made us.” Audix is pleased and proud to be their new vocal microphones of choice; with the OM3.

These sisters have had plenty of opportunities to experience different cultures and musical influences. “For starters, our mum is Indian and our dad is American,” explains Sarah. “Following our dad’s career as a pastor, we grew up in the US, France, Germany, and Switzerland. We were blessed to get to live in such diverse environments and learn multiple languages and cultures.”

Although not specifically raised by musical parents, there was always music in the house. At age seven, Stephanie announced that she wanted to play drums like her hero Ringo Starr, and Sarah, therefore, decided to learn guitar.

Growing up in the ’90s throughout so many countries, Sarah and Stephanie were exposed to a wide variety of musical influences; Green Day, Gin Blossoms, Alanis Morissette, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters – and also Kyo (France) and Wir Sind Helden (Germany).

And then there was Cousin Gregg. “We danced around with tambourines in his Beatles tribute band when we were seven and ten years old,” laughs Sarah. “He gave me my first drum lesson,” says Stephanie. “And my first guitar lesson,” adds Sarah. “He asked if we played any songs together, and we didn’t. We actually hadn’t thought about it, so he taught us the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week”. We played it for a family concert with him on the piano.”

Their cousin just happens to be Gregg Bissonette; world-renowned drummer with album, tour, film, and TV credits that run the gamut from Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band to David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Don Henley, Santana, Spinal Tap, Smash Mouth, American Idol, and many more. He encouraged the sisters to get into the studio and work with his brother, Matt Bissonette (Don Henley, Rick Springfield, Brian Wilson) – owner and engineer – who has been eagerly adopted as their mentor and producer.

Audix has quickly become a key part of Deer Park Avenue’s unique sound. “When we first started out, we had no idea how much a microphone can affect a singer’s performance,” says Sarah. “Our OM3’s are perfect for the kind of music we sing. We love that we can get up close and personal, or get as aggressive as we want, and they can handle anything.”

“We usually tour as a power trio and can get plenty loud,” continues Sarah. “Our mics pick up a really pure sound of just the voice, which makes the vocals sound stronger, fuller, and makes the sound tech’s life so much easier when he’s mixing the show.”

Deer Park Avenue will soon be all Audix, adding instrument and drum mics. “The next mic we are looking forward to adding will be the i5 for guitar, an amazing mic that stays really true to my tone,” says Sarah. “We’re looking forward to integrating the drum kit mics too,” adds Stephanie. “A friend of our cousins, Thomas Lang, did a demo for Audix and the video sounded really good! Knowing that Audix is getting behind us is really huge for us!”

Bassist Geoff Kennedy usually rounds out the trio except for when they go “White Stripes Mode” as a duo. Current projects in the works include a couple of music videos, a new single and album, and then touring the West and music festivals.

For now, Sarah and Stephanie divide their time between Southern California, New York, and Europe. To promote Deer Park Avenue, they draw on their dual journalism degrees earned in the U.K. and the resources of their own web, design, and marketing agency, Flying Ace Media. “We rely on social media to promote and grow our fan base and song sales,” says Sarah. “Having lived in so many places, we have an amazing group of friends and fans throughout the US and Europe who support and promote us.”

Sarah and Stephanie probably sum up their musical collaboration best while completing each others’ sentences: “We have a unique connection when it comes to songwriting…maybe it’s a sister thing…”

Deer Park Avenue is most definitely a sister thing…and Audix agrees.

Photo by Ramiro (c) 2012