Internet drum sensation and new Audix endorser Cobus Potgieter premiered an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at his unique Audix microphone setup for his drum kit. In his ten-minute YouTube video, Cobus walks through his miking setup piece by piece to feature why he uses each microphone and how they capture his setup. “The D6 [drum microphone is] probably the least amount I’ve ever EQ’d a mic on any drum,” Cobus explains in the video. “You just put it into the kick and it pretty much sounds amazing right off the bat. The D6 really is a legendary mic, and I never knew why until I tried the mic myself.” Cobus uses two Audix i5s for each of his two snare drums-one i5 on top, one on the bottom — with the main snare tuned lower. He also incorporates three MicroD mics on all rack toms-“they sound amazing, they’re very punchy which is exactly what I want for the rack toms” — as well as a D4 on the floor tom, SCX25As on overheads, three ADX51s, and a pair of CX212Bs for a subtle room blend. Cobus first started using Audix after watching Chris DeNogean, Chief Engineer at DrumChannel, prepare for a session. “He would mic the kits and he would literally get a mix in three minutes, maybe five,” says Cobus. “I remember thinking…that’s unreal to me.”

Since he first started uploading drum cover videos to YouTube in 2006, Cobus has amassed millions of views and more than half a million YouTube subscribers. For more info on Cobus, watch his YouTube videos at or visit him at Watch Cobus’s video, My Microphone Setup, below.