Steve Earle is an American singer-songwriter in the true sense of the term. His songs always have something to say, whether it’s an earnest heart-on-your-sleeve love song duet that he sings with his wife (songstress Allison Moorer) or a politically charged rant. This is music that is never afraid to say what has to be said.

In the spring of 2011, Earle released his first novel and fourteenth studio album, both entitled I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive after a Hank Williams song. The album was produced by Grammy-winning T-Bone Burnett. Earle describes it as dealing with questions of mortality and having a “more country” sound than his recent work. He is now touring with his band, The Dukes (and Duchesses), in support of the album.

After losing a lot of gear in the Nashville flood and with the US and international tour pending, Front of House engineer David Nokken decided on Audix to handle their microphone needs. Everybody in the band sings and harmonizes so it is imperative that they have the right vocal mics. Nokken concluded that the VX5 provided him with a nice rich vocal mix, further stating “I like the VX5’s because you get the mid/low warmth out of it, but you still get the cut and can you can get it out on top of the mix – which is nice!”

The rest of the microphone stage plot looks like this:

Kick – D6
Snare top – i5
Snare bottom – ADX51
Hats – ADX51
Rack 10″ – D2
Rack 12″ – D2
Floor – D4
OH L – ADX51
OH R – ADX51
Bass amp – i5
Eleanor amp mic – i5
Chris electric mic – i5
Steve electric mic – i5
Allison accordion – ADX20i

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