The success of the Micro-D miniature rim mount drum mic has prompted the demand for a similar product specifically for hand percussion instruments. With this in mind, Audix proudly introduces a sister product to the Micro-D called the Audix Micro-HP. Having similar design characteristics and sound qualities as the Micro D, The Micro-HP utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to capture the attack of the head as well as the tonality and transients of the instrument.

The Micro-HP has the ability to handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion, to isolate the sound of each instrument in a percussion ensemble, and to minimize gain before feedback for live stage applications. A special rubber shock mount and protective anodized aluminum ring provide maximum vibration control. The flexible gooseneck design of the DCLAMP allows the artist or sound engineer to place the Micro-HP quickly and easily into position for the most optimum sound. One of the features most widely praised by artists and engineers is, of course, its size. The micro design keeps the mic out of the way of the player’s path and the unique low profile mounting system eliminates the need for a bulky mic stand on stage.

The Micro-HP is designed to produce a natural, accurate sound right “out of the box” with little or no EQ. This makes life exceptionally easy for you and your sound engineer. Audix endorsers Bashiri Johnson, Poncho Sanchez, Airto Moreira, Richie “Gajate” Garcia, and Giovanni Hidalgo, who have long been using a wide variety of Audix instrument mics, are excited that Audix is addressing the specific needs of hand percussionists with the Micro-HP.

The Micro-HP is available from authorized Audix dealers in a matte black finish at a suggested retail price of $255. The Micro-HP has a 6′ integrated cable and is supplied with a phantom power adapter, windscreen, and DCLAMP-Micro for lug nut mounting. Audix is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-quality microphones and powered speakers for the live sound and recording markets. For more information, contact Audix sales at (800) 966-8261, or visit us on the web at