That’s right, we raised the bar… and now, we’re stretching it! Audix Corporation proudly introduces the CabGrabber-XL™, an extended version of the CabGrabber™ to accommodate larger amps and cabinets. This innovative accessory for the pro audio market is simple, compact, and easy to use and enables sound engineers and musicians to conveniently place a microphone on a guitar amplifier or cabinet without the use of a mic stand.

Constructed of durable aluminum tubing, the CabGrabber-XL™ is lightweight but very capable of holding microphones securely and firmly in place, including large-diaphragm condenser mics weighing up to 16 ounces. The CabGrabber™ and the CabGrabber-XL™ were designed primarily to be used with the Audix i5 but will also accommodate other microphones. Designed to operate with larger guitar combo amps and cabinets, the CabGrabber-XL™ will accommodate cabinets ranging from 14 to 20 inches in depth.

The CabGrabber-XL™, which is held on to the cabinet by a tension fit design, will work equally well on cabinets with a flat surface or a recessed edge. The tubular arm is threaded to hold any standard microphone clip and will rotate 180 degrees. A thumbscrew locks the arm into position. This, plus the ability to place the CabGrabber-XL™ at any location on either the side of the cabinet or the top of the cabinet, will allow the user to place the microphone in the exact location they desire.

Audix VP of Sales, Cliff Castle, states “After the introduction of the CabGrabber™ last year, the response was overwhelmingly positive from musicians and sound engineers alike. Since the CabGrabber™ was designed solely for combo-sized amps and cabinets, we immediately set out to do a larger version that would accommodate the rest of the guitar and bass cab market. I know a lot of people are going to be happy to see the XL!”