August 2008 – Todd Sucherman recorded his new high definition instructional drumming DVD, “Methods and Mechanics”, using all Audix microphones. Sucherman is a world-renowned drummer whose main gig is filling the drum chair with the classic rock band, Styx.

JR Taylor, Sound Engineer for Altitude Digital, the company that produced Sucherman’s DVD, is a long-time Audix fan. “Audix has long been my favorite mics on stage, but they have now become my favorite in the studio as well,” Taylor says.

When recording, Taylor concerns himself with how the sound of each instrument is translated into the mix. Taylor has been mixing for 11 years but is always pleased with new discoveries. “Possibly the biggest surprise was the i5. I’ve always been disappointed trying anything other than the standard on the snare… until the i5. I was completely skeptical, now I’m completely converted.” As for toms, Taylor smiles, “I don’t think anything else needs to be said about the D2s and D4s for toms. Audix just knows how to do drum mics!”

The i5, D2, and D4 are not the only mics that impressed Taylor. Taylor loved the Audix SCX25A, used for overhead miking, “The SCX25As captured the natural beauty of the cymbals in a way translated perfectly into the mix. They have a silky brilliance that captures all the air and shimmer without even approaching the realm of harsh. At the same time, they respectfully convey the body of the lows and low mids. It’s what I’ve always wanted in an overhead microphone,” Taylor said and, after using the D6, “I simply don’t want to use anything else on the kick drum.”

Also used was the SCX1-C on the main high-hat, M1244A for closed high-hats, and the CX112 for voice over segments.

This beautifully filmed two-disc DVD set, recorded in HD using a multitude of camera angles and equipment, was released on August 5th, 2008. For more information on this DVD or to see a clip from the DVD, please visit The DVD can be purchased through Altitude Digital for $29.95. You can find more information about which mics Todd Sucherman uses at in the artist section.