Volvo Trucks North America chooses the new Audix M3 tri-element Microphone and Unified AV

United AV Systems, Inc. (United AV) was selected to design and install the audio upgrade for the Volvo Trucks North America New Communication Center in Greensboro, NC. Unified AV Senior Lead Tech Joe Paxton explains, “With Volvo’s growth, they desired to have more flexible conferencing ability without compromising on the audio quality. The center is a large facility that can be divided into smaller rooms when needed. Since this is a flex seating design, we chose to go with a ceiling microphone solution.” Joe continues, “We chose Biamp Tesira Forte digital signal processors because of its scalability and its AVB networking ability. USB to PC connectivity was desired which was also possible with the Tesira Forte.”

For microphone selection, Unified AV chose the new Audix M3 tri-element hanging microphone from Audix. As detailed by Senior Lead Tech Joe Paxton, “We installed a total of 13 Audix M3 tri-element microphones. We were intrigued by the new Audix M3 because of its smaller design, large pickup area, and balanced signal. We were, however, concerned that ambient noise could be a concern due to the excessive windows in the room design. Our biggest surprise was how well the M3 rejected ambient noise and how much clarity we were able to obtain. Volvo is extremely happy with the results.”