Fort Knox Ceiling Mic Installation by Interactive Solutions 

The U.S. government trusts Interactive Solutions of Memphis, TN to install the most reliable A/V conferencing systems in some of the nation’s most secure locations. Interactive Solutions trusts Audix for the best sounding and most reliable microphone systems.

Interactive Solutions designs A/V installations for government and corporate clients that include sound reinforcement, recording, video conferencing, and data sharing. They also design telemedicine systems that transmit audio, video, and biometric data between a central healthcare facility and any number of remote clinics.

Recently, Interactive Solutions was called on to outfit the new Human Resources Center of Excellence at Fort Knox. The Army Human Resources Command moved from several locations around the country to the new Maude Complex; the second largest government building in the nation. Only the Pentagon is bigger!

Although many installations completed by Interactive Solutions are regulated by government security, corporate privacy, or healthcare industry codes, Senior Solutions Engineer Britt Fitts shares as many details as he can about their recent work at Fort Knox, KY.:

“Although security clearance is certainly an issue, a Secret Service guy does not inspect each wire stripper,” Fitts says. “Some of our guys do need secret or top-secret clearance, and sometimes we even need permission to use the bathroom.”

“Interactive Solutions was awarded the video conferencing contract.   We outfitted 25 rooms with over 80 Audix ceiling mics. The rooms ranged in size from small conference rooms with single video screens to a full command conference auditorium with up to 200 seats. We relied almost exclusively on the Audix M1255B in every room,” explains Fitts. “Audio quality had to be as good as possible. Mics on the table were not an option because they wanted to have a clean look on the table and avoid the sound of paper shuffling.”

Fitts continues, “As I design a miking system, I know I can depend on the multiple options that the Audix Micros system offers.   I can select one mic body and mounting solution, and then select capsules with the desired pickup pattern. The Audix M1255B has a wide variety of pick-up pattern capsules; omni, cardioid, hypercardioid, or shotgun (super-cardioid). This lets me optimize the microphone configurations to the room that I am covering. They work really, really great!”

Fitts chose Audix over the many ceiling mic systems available from other manufacturers. “Our rep, Richard Hembree of Griffith Sales, lets us test out the mics,” says Fitts. “After we tested the Audix mics, we found them to be far superior. They have higher gain and reject HVAC (air conditioning) noise from the ceiling ducts without needing lots of DSP.”

Audix has been a long-time partner with Interactive Solutions. In addition to providing microphone products, Audix participated with Interactive Solutions in a charitable donation program for the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN; providing all microphones for a corporate boardroom that hosts meetings and fundraising activities.

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