Audix Headquarters recently had some special visitors from the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, and members of our manufacturing, engineering, production, and sales staff were able to share their passion for audio excellence and innovation with the next generation of sound techs, musicians, vocalists, and more. The students took a tour of our factory in Wilsonville, Oregon, then went through a microphone demo and some training with our team members.

Here’s what class instructor David Tang had to say about the experience:

“For the 33 students from my Recording Arts and Sound Technology Program here at the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, the field trip visit to Audix USA was truly inspiring. This trip was intended to be a reward for their hard work and effort in preparing our recent showcase of Recording and Music Production projects for the entire school…and what a rewarding experience it was!”

“Prior to our afternoon visit to Audix, the students spent the morning at a fantastic new recording studio (The Hallowed Halls) and got a presentation from their chief engineer/studio designer (Justin Phelps), and got to see their brand (spankin’) new Neve console. Next, the students enjoyed the pizza (and sunshine) lunch down at McMenamins (another highlight).”

“And then, on to Audix! We started off with an overview of the history, philosophy, and evolution of the Audix brand, followed by a workshop on microphone theory, design, and applications, and then capped it off with a tour of the whole manufacturing, assembly, testing, packaging, and distribution process. Students were in complete awe to see the computerized milling, robotic circuit assembly, and sheet metal cutting/punching/folding that goes on in here.



“My students truly benefited from each and every aspect of this visit. I think that they now have a completely different view of what an Audix microphone represents. They understand that there was a great deal of thought (and care) in the design of each and every one of these microphones. They can see the results of precision work that is detailed, skilled, and manufactured with pride (in Wilsonville, OR). In addition, these students got a glimpse into a workplace environment that is truly unique and exemplary.

“Because my classes (and the field trip bus expense) are all funded through our Career and Tech Ed. Department, I felt that this field trip really gave the kids a great look into the industry, career and job ideas, business/marketing models, and employee/employer relationships.

“The whole visit was perfect…and free t-shirts!!!”

Audix is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-quality dynamic and condenser microphones, wireless systems, and powered speakers for the live sound, recording, and installation markets. From concept to completion, Audix’s on-site research and development team, combined with an in-house manufacturing facility, enable them to proudly provide products from their headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon. For more information, contact Audix sales at 800.966.8261.