The Audix Micros® Series, the world’s smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable, continues to evolve and break new ground with the addition of the M1255.

With a stylishly machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1255 is designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and fixed install applications. Features include a smooth frequency response of 80 Hz – 20 kHz, 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm, a selection of 4 capsules, and complete immunity from RF caused by cell phones and GSM devices.

National Sales Manager for Audix, Gene Houck, states “The M1255 was developed in response to demands from pro audio installers who specialize in digitally controlled audio systems for teleconferencing, like Nexia from Biamp for example. These systems will typically require anywhere from 8 – 32 microphones strategically placed overhead, hanging from the ceiling.” Houck continues, “Since the microphones are at a great distance from the sound source (approx. 6-7 feet), the real challenge is being able to get enough gain between the microphone and the mixer to do the job adequately. The M1255 provides a great solution because it offers an additional 10 – 12 dB of output over other competitive products in this category, while at the same time keeping the noise at floor level an astonishing 21 dB (A-weighted),” concludes Houck.

Similarly, the M1255 is a problem solver as a table microphone for meetings, conferences, or as an overhead microphone for choirs and orchestras. There is an array of clips and accessories available that enable the M1255 to be used on instruments, podiums, and mic stands. Also available for overhead and distance miking is the MicroBoom ™ carbon fiber boom arm.

The M1255 is available from authorized Audix dealers in a matte black finish at a suggested retail price of $419 or a white finish at a suggested retail price of $439. Supplied accessories include a 25′ cable, hanging mic clip, mic stand adapter, external windscreen, and a pouch. Audix is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-quality microphones and monitor speakers for the live sound and recording markets. For more information, contact Audix sales at (800) 966-8261, or visit us on the web at