Audix’s Newest – and youngest – Artist

Audix’s newest artist is a drummer who is building a significant recording and YouTube resume with solid technique, deep musical knowledge, and a singular dedication to the art and craft of drumming. It may surprise you that Gina Marie Osmar is a 12-year-old sports-playing school kid, but to a growing group of musical collaborators from L.A., Nashville, and Australia, the secret has been out for some time!

“When I was three, my family brought home empty coffee cans from the restaurant they owned. I arranged them as a kit: plastic top side up for drums, and metal ends up for cymbals. My dad was a drummer when he was a kid, so he gave me his sticks to play with. I got my first real kit when I was six,” explains Gina. In addition to school, sports, and just being a kid, Gina took advantage of every opportunity to play at her church and school and refined her drumming skills through diligent practice.

Gina began recording through Indaba Music, a crowd-sourcing site used by musicians around the world to find and collaborate with like-minded artists. A family friend suggested that she submit her tracks to the Australian band Banana Nightmare. She was selected from six finalists to record two songs, “This Feeling” and an instrumental “Expedition,” writing her own parts with little direction. “They were a little freaked out that I was so young, but they really liked what I was playing,” adds Gina.

Gina has used Audix microphones on her kit from her first pro recording session. “When I first recorded in Nashville, the engineers recommended Audix mics, and I’m very happy they did.” Gina now mikes her seven-piece kit in her own home studio with an Audix DP Quad Pack. “I use a D6 on the kick, an i5 on the snare, and a pair of ADX51s as overheads. My recordings for Banana Nightmare came out amazing!” Gina used the CD-ROM supplied with the DP Quad Pack to get basic directions on mic placement. “I read the book and set things up just like Audix said. Four mics might seem a bit spare for such a large kit, but everyone says it sounds great! I’ll happily add more mics if I’m asked to provide more control.”

Gina does not have one favorite drum hero but derives inspiration from a diverse set of drummers. Mike Mangini, of the prog-metal band Dream Theater, and the venerable Steve Gadd are particular favorites. “I try to stay open to many styles,” she says. Her current favorite band is Mute Math, and their drummer, Darren King, is an obvious influence. “I really like their complicated style of modern rock.”

Gina currently studies with Tony Miller of Austin Drum Lab to learn more musical styles. During this crucial time in her musical, social, and educational development, her family carefully avoids making drumming a task or a profession. “We got a call from Chris Blackwell and Doug Boyle (from Robert Plant’s solo project, Now and Zen) reminding us not to miss her childhood,” adds Gina’s dad, David Osmar. “Her music has to come from her own heart.”

Getting a touring band together is Gina’s dream, but her age difference with pro musicians is a challenge. “She plays really well with adults,” says David. “They very much respect her as a member of the band. As one musician said, ‘If I didn’t turn around and see who was playing the kit, I would have thought she had been drumming for 20 years.”
Gina will have many opportunities to live her dream, and Audix will be there to capture them all. Gina Osmar’s performance and practice videos are on YouTube, as well as her EPK site (Gina Marie Osmar), so you can watch the progress of this young, dedicated drummer.