All Things Gear recently reviewed the Audix A133 studio condenser microphone and had some great things to say.

Regarding the design, product reviewer Jimmy Byrne writes, “Clearly, Audix has outdone itself with a truly compact design on the A133. It’s very obvious when compared to its sound, that Audix’s design team worked hard to keep its new condenser as portable as possible and the resulting product is an A133 that fits just-so in the outstretched palm. While Audix has already established itself as a go-to company for portability among its dynamic mics, we’re sure making this happen with large condenser technology was no easy task — so props to the team on that one.”

When it comes to performance, Byrne points out, “Often, a mic in that price range will come off sounding artificial, especially after additive EQ, which is often needed on those types of capsules. Here, Audix delivers a mic that truly lets high-end characteristics shine through as they should on voices or stringed instruments.”

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