“I would never tour without an Audix OM7 or a D6. They give me the most consistent performance. They’re my desert island microphones.”
Andy Tinsley – FOH – Alkaline Trio

Soundman and Tour Manager Andy Tinsley with Alkaline Trio built his career by evolution. While never a musician, Andy’s passion for music and bands found him as a roadie at age 14 and a tour manager at 17, collecting the $50 for the band. These responsibilities led Andy to a band booking and equipment rental business for gigs in and around Louisville, KY.

To save money, Andy figured that he might as well mix these shows too. Over the next 20-plus years, his career grew from 200-seat punk shows to worldwide tours and arenas. Audix mics have been with him for much of this journey.

Andy joined Alkaline Trio in 1996 and went full-time in 2011. Audix mics are a mainstay of his arsenal for the band.

“I’ve had Audix mics in my collection for a long time,” says Andy. “I’ve used Audix almost exclusively since 2004. I was working with a band that wanted a package of mics that would be consistent day after day. I didn’t like the accepted ‘norm’ of mics, especially for vocals, so I talked with Audix, tried out their mics, and decided on the OM7 for vocals.”

Andy explains, “The bands I’ve toured with over the years are generally very loud and perform on radically varying sized stages. The OM7 gives me the most consistent performance from small venues to arenas, even better than really expensive and exotic brands and models. For singers like Matt and Dan who get on the mic and go for it, I like the clarity and how much volume I can get out of the Audix OM7 before feedback.”

Andy has since added other Audix mics for instruments. “I use a D6 on the kick, D3 on snare top, D2 on snare bottom, ADX51s for cymbals, and D4s for toms. I prefer the Audix mics for drums because they produce so much body and the true drum sound with a subsonic feel. I need very little EQ, and once set, I never touch them again during the show.”

“For guitars, I use CX111s for half-stack Orange guitar amps and an i5 on a ‘clean’ combo amp.” For bass, Andy uses an ADX60 PZM on a Z-Bar and velcro to place the mic very securely on the cab. “I love it. It’s nice and tight and clean and has all the punch and body that I would ever need out of a bass cabinet mic.”

By now, using Audix mics is so familiar to Andy that quick stage changes in multi-band festivals are relatively simple. “I gain them up to unity, do my EQ and I’m done. I know these mics, and I can count on them to perform.

“Audix is my desert island mic of choice!”

Alkaline Trio is a Chicago-based, self-described punk rock band. For more information, check out: