Latin Percussion has teamed up with acoustic designer Hector Torres to incorporate the first integrated miking system for the Cajon. The LP Cajon Mic System features the Audix ADX60 boundary microphone. A sensitive condenser microphone with full-range frequency response, the ADX60 is held 3mm above the surface of the Cajon in order to pick up the punch of the bass tones along with all of the more subtle sounds.

Percussionist Kevin Ricard, regularly seen and heard on American Idol, has chosen the ADX60 for his new signature LP Cajon. Kevin states, “After trying a number of boundary mics, no mics other than the ADX60 microphone gave me the versatility of placement or the full, fat, and crisp sound I needed to hear from my Cajon! The TCM with the Audix ADX60 will not only let you be heard, it will let you be heard beautifully!”