The members of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC are all set for their first world tour in the last seven years, and Audix Microphone company has the honor of accompanying them.

Paul “Pab” Boothroyd is one of the UK’s leading live sound engineers and currently the Front of House engineer for AC/DC. He has worked with some of the world’s top musicians like Dire Straits and Faith Hill but is best known for his work with Paul McCartney. Boothroyd has handled FOH duties for AC/DC since the band’s 1996 Ballbreaker Tour and is back at it for their latest Black Ice World Tour, which promotes Black Ice, the group’s first album in eight years.

“We had such great success with the Audix drum mics on the Paul McCartney tour that I suggested we go with all Audix products for drums on the 2009 AC/DC world tour. One cool trick we found for this tour is that we added the Micro-D beneath all seven of the cymbals. They are very low profile, get a great sound, and keep the stage bleed to a minimum compared to using conventional overheads. The rest of the kit consists of D6 on the kick, i5 on the snare, D4 on all toms, and SCX1-HC for high-hat,” Boothroyd said.

The “Black Ice” tour kicked off in late 2008 and with the recently added North American tour dates, is expected to last until 2010. Considered to be pioneers of heavy metal, an AC/DC concert is one performance that avid music fans won’t want to miss.