“What a beautifully rich-sounding microphone. The A231 sounds like it is voiced more like great FET mics of the past with a rich neutral totality and a gentle, firm upper-mid presence. There is absolutely zero bite, sibilance or sizzle on the top end, and my favorite part of the A231 is its extended, full proximity effect. The A231 is a mic that begs to be close to a source and would do well on upright bass and cello, and could be a great choice on a bass cabinet, outside, yet close up on a kick drum, and a pair would be nice for classic drum tones in a Glynn Johns overhead set up.

Where this mic really shines is on vocals and spoken word. In both cases, it has a low-end fullness that a good singer and speaker could really work to their advantage.”

Paul Vnuk Jr | RECORDING Magazine


“On vocal, the A231 really got to shine. Because this mic is not overly hyped, it showed off just the right stuff on vocals. I tried it on male vocals and the nice proximity effect gave me warmth and low end in a controlled and musical way. Meanwhile, the mids were pronounced and cutting through the track without sounding harsh. To top it off, the highs were present in a natural way, rounding out a wonderful vocal sound. I love how this mic feels. It delivers a robust and quality sound.

Reto Peter | Mixer / Engineer (Green Day, The Counting Crows & Modest Mouse)


“The Audix A231 has a very smooth response and very clear but not clinical dynamic resonance.

Adam Lee | Staff Engineer at Jackpot Recording PDX

A231 Large Diagram Condenser Vocal Microphone