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Person Name Dynamic Vocal Microphones
Dynamic Vocal Microphones Dynamic vocal microphones are the most popular type of vocal microphone for live performances because of their durability, flexibility,... View Products
Person Name Condenser Vocal Microphones
Condenser Vocal Microphones The condenser (or capacitor) microphone, was invented at Bell Labs in 1916. As opposed to a dynamic microphone with a moving coil,... View Products
Person Name Dynamic Instrument Microphones
Dynamic Instrument Microphones With the introduction of the D Series in 1993,  Audix introduced this idea of "application specific" microphones for... View Products
Person Name Condenser Instrument Microphones
Condenser Instrument Microphones The Audix range of instrument condenser microphones utilize two types of technology: Externally powered (DC powered); and pre-polarized... View Products
Person Name Miniaturized Condenser Microphones
Miniaturized Condenser Microphones With the creation of The Micros™, Audix redefined miniaturized condenser technology. Inspired by the possibilities of the highest... View Products
Person Name Installed Sound Microphones
Installed Sound Microphones Contractor (installed) microphones are required for a full range of applications that demand sound to be captured at a greater distance... View Products
Person Name Wireless Microphones
Wireless Microphones The Audix RAD360 Wireless System is a frequency agile UHF wireless microphone system with 193 selectable frequencies (per system group)... View Products
Person Name Packs and Sets Microphones
Packs and Sets Microphones Audix has simplified the approach to selecting microphones for drum kits, percussion ensembles, piano and general studio sessions... View Products

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Audix Professional Drum microphones have been serving the world's professional and enthusiastic drummers for over 20 years. And with good reason. A comprehensive range of microphones specifically designed for the drummer and percussionist. All our microphones provide drummers with awesome sound reproduction and impressive instrument isolation at affordable prices. And the D Series microphones are designed, machined, assembled and tested at Audix in the USA.

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