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Entry level dynamic vocal microphone with on/off switch

The CD11 is an entry level dynamic vocal microphone designed for a wide variety of applications including music, speech, corporate AV, karaoke, houses of worship, and education. The CD11 is known for its clear vocal reproduction, resistance to feedback, reliability, and sturdiness.

The CD11 is characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. With a wide frequency range of 60 Hz - 15 kHz, the CD11 features the added convenience of an on-off switch for user control. The CD11 is designed with bass proximity and mid-range presence, resulting in a full bodied sound on small to mid-size PA systems.

The CD11 is well balanced, comfortable to hold, durable, and manufactured to provide consistent results. Roadworthy construction includes a precision die cast zinc alloy body, black e-coat finish, steel mesh grill, and heavy duty ABS clip.


Type Dynamic Moving Coil
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 60Hz - 15kHz
Impedance 600 ohms
Sensitivity @1k 1.8 mV/Pa

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