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R62 KIT | Wireless Component, Microphone

R62 KIT True Diversity Receiver

MRSP: $1000
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  • Description

    Two channel true diversity receiver including antennas, power supply, rackmount, and BNC cables for front mounting antennas. With the R62 Kit a variety of combination packs can be tailored to a specific application depending on what type of transmitter and mics are needed.

    With the addition of the ADS48 antenna distribution system, a total of four R42 systems (8 channels of wireless) will fit compactly into just 5 rack spaces and run off of one set of antennas.

    Frequency Range

    522 MHz - 586 MHz

    R61 True Diversity Receiver
    - 64 MHz Wide spectrum tuning receiver
    - 207 Pre-coordinated frequencies for quick, easy and reliable set up
    - One-touch auto scan searches for clear channel
    - One-touch sync links transmitter to receiver via infrared beam
    - 2560 tunable frequencies
  • What's In The Box

    • 1 x R62 64 MHz Diversity Receiver
    • 2 x BNC Cables
    • 2 x Antennas
    • 1 x Audio Cable
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x User Guide
    • 1 x Rackmount Hardware