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OM5 | Dynamic Vocal, Microphone

Concert Level, Professional Vocal Microphone Clear, Accurate Sound with Slight Mid-range Boost

MRSP: $195
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  • Description

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    The OM5 vocal dynamic microphone is made with an extremely tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern which isolates the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage or in a studio.

    Used on stage, in studios and for broadcast applications, the OM5 hypercardioid microphone has a reputation for clarity, resistance to feedback and ability to handle SPLs in excess of 144 dB without distortion.

    The OM5 dynamic vocal microphone is naturally attenuated at 120 Hz to reduce boominess and handling noise. The mid-range is tailored to provide extra presence in the vocals allowing the vocalist to be easily heard through the main speakers as well as the monitors.


    - Lead or backing vocals
    - Live recording
    - Broadscast
    - Sax, brass, guitar, dobro, flute, percussion, drums
    - Home studio

    Please see the spec sheet under the specifications tab for more information about this product.

  • Specifications

    Type Dynamic
    Polar Pattern Hypercardioid
    Frequency Response 48 Hz - 19 kHz
    Impedance 200 ohms
    Sensitivity 2 mV / Pa @ 1k
  • What's In The Box

    • 1 x OM5 Vocal Microphone
    • 1 x MC1 Microphone Clip
    • 1 x P1 Carrying pouch
  • User Quotes

    ""It changed my life-it's changed everything for me. When I became a touring artist I realized I was going to have to learn how to preserve my voice if I wanted to have a long career. Finding the right microphone was half the battle. Once I found the Audix OM5, I didn't have to compete with the other instruments on stage anymore and found the clarity I was searching for. Now I won't play a show without it!"
    ZZ Ward, Love 3X Tour
    "With 3 stages running simultaneously 7 nights a week, it's common for us to have 15 or more separate acts in a single night. When the smoke clears, it's the OM5 you see on the mic stands. The OM5's indestructible casing is essential, given the unending wear and tear we put our gear through, and the wide dynamic range is perfect for the variety of vocalists we hand it to."
    Bruce Duff, Production Manager, Knitting Factory Hollywood
    "We were in rehearsals for the start of Bonnie's tour when the OM5 was first introduced. We tried it and haven't looked back since. The mic is a lot likeBonnie - classy, consistent, and rock solid every time."
    Paul Middleton, Front of House, Bonnie Raitt
    "From side rejection to gain before feed back to overall transparency, the OM-5 is consistently a winner. If I mix the show, it's my first choice. If I'm the system engineer, it's my first recommendation."
    George Rondinelli, Rondinelli Audio - Dubuque, IA
    "The OM5 is the only mic that you can roll the High Pass to 120, turn it on and let it rip. Rock solid and built like a hammer. Keep them coming!"
    Eugene 'Gino' Mulcahy, Lead Audio Engineer, Mohegan Sun Casino
    "I have carried OM5's with me since 1995 as a great 'get out of jail free' card for almost any vocal application. They're handier than a Leatherman® and, oh yeah, they get LOUD!"
    Adrian Cunningham, Front of House, Altan
    "The warm low end, crisp highs, and clarity of the OM5 complements any vocal blend. I'm pleased to see that they're showing up on lots of spec riders."
    Rance Caldwell, Monitor Engineer, Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    "I was able to simply unplug the front line of vocal mics and replace them with OM5's to get a smoother, warmer sound at a higher gain with no feedback."
    Mark Frink, Live Sound Editor, Mix Magazine
    "Alanis really helped pave the way for a new generation of female vocalists, and her OM5 has been there right from the beginning. If you love good sound, you'll love Audix mics."
    Scott Welch, Manager, Alanis Morissette
    "Audix mics are simply the best whether you're on a small stage or concert venue. I know that when I use my OM5, the mix is going to sound perfect."
    Jay Forrest, lead vocals, Hopesfall
    "Even with BOC's thick instrumentation, OM5's help keep the vocals in front of the mix. They're reliable, consistent and smoooooooth regardless ofwhat PA system we're using."
    Steve "Woody" La Cerra, Front of House, Blue Öyster Cult
    "In addition to being a terrific sounding vocal mic, the OM5 has been my magic bullet when gain-before-feedback is an issue. It gives me a usable signal when other mics are unusable."
    Dan Mortensen, Dansound, Seattle,WA
    "I have been using the OM5 for about 10 years and continue to receive lots of compliments on my vocal sound. They give me a true, uncolored sound to workwith as opposed to other mics that have a built in sound that sometimes works, but most of the time doesn't."
    Paul Hager, Front of House, American Hi-Fi
    "Our club has low ceilings and a loud band is even louder on our stage. The tight pick-up pattern of the OM5 allows me to put the vocals out front in the mix without drawing in searing guitars and cymbal wash."
    John P. Overstreet, Head Sound Engineer, Middle East Nightclub, Boston, MA
    "OM5's are the main vocal mics of choice for us and we've used them for years with no problems!"
    Bad Assets, Jacksonville, FL
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    Dave Rat demonstrates off axis rejection and sensitivity by comparing several mics. Alanis Morissette on the Ellen Show May 20th 2008 Billboards Presents Ani DiFranco


Concert Level, Professional Vocal Microphone Clear, Accurate Sound with Slight Mid-range Boost

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