MGN Series

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MGN Series | Accessories, Microphone

Micro Gooseneck for Micros Series Condensers.

MRSP: $65-75
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    The Micro-Gooseneck (MGN) series consists of 3 extension pieces for the MicrosTM series. Each model is a lightweight tube with a mini-XLRf connector on the top and a standard XLRm connector on the base. There are flexible goosenecks at each end of the tube. There is balanced cable inside the tube, with pin 2 hot in respect to pin 3. The MGN series is designed to work with any of the MicrosTM Series; M1250B, M1255B, M1280.
    There are three models:
    - MGN-6 is 6 inches (152mm) in length,
    - MGN-14 is14 inches (355mm) in length
    - MGN-20 is 20 in (508mm) in length


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